Closing Statement


       J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College has changed my early

Childhood practice in many ways. I have had a long journey at J. 

Sargeant Reynolds. I first attended in 2005 and I soon had to take break

and now I have returned in 2018 to finish school. When I first started at

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College I had just graduated high school and I had

my very first childcare job at "Kiddi Kingdom." I was still trying to find my

way as a teacher but J. Sarge has helped me to gain the experience

needed to be a great educator. When I took the placement test I was

nervous because I had to take extra courses. But taking those courses was

a big help. It made me feel at ease with starting college without feeling

overwhelmed. I have met so many helpful people and teachers along the

way at J. Sarge. People who answered my questions, gave directions, and

helped me understand.

          As a professional I have grown in several ways. My knowledge,

experience, and skills have all developed even more. I now know so much

more about the early childhood field such as how children grow and

develop. I have learned how to do lesson plans, observe classrooms and

children. I also now understand the way that children think, I have gained

more insight knowledge in learning the rules and regulations,

understanding licensing, and most of all how to keep children safe and

healthy and so much more. When I first started working in the childcare

field I was a float, then an assistant teacher, lead teacher, co teacher, and

now I am an Education Coordinator. J. Sargent Reynolds Community

College is part of the reason why I have moved up the ladder. At first it was

just a job now it is so much more. Teaching and being an educator is my

life. Helping children learn and develop is so rewarding especially when

you get to watch them grow and being part of that. 

         The experiences at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College that

were most influential in my growth were all of the variety of classes taken

and the material that was taught. I feel that all of the courses helped me to

grow in many ways that I can't just pick one. They were all needed and

helped me to better myself as a teacher and educator. ITE 115 was one of

my favorites since I love computers. But it helped me to be comfortable in

the current center I work at since we are technology based. I wouldn't be

the teacher I am today without J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

My goals as I move forward in my career as an early childhood educator

are to gain more experience in my current role as Education Coordinator

and to get more knowledge of the role of an Assistant Director and Director.

In order to reach these goals I will continue to train and visit other centers

to observe. My Director has been excellent in answering my questions and

I will continue to ask her to give me different challenges to learn.

     The courses that I have taken at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community

Colleges has prepared me in so many ways as an educator. My passion

and motivation to teach children will always remain my primary focus. 

 I feel that the portfolio process was and will be helpful in many ways.

It will serve as a wonderful resource to have as I work towards owning my

own childcare center or when I am ready to serve as a Director. Having the

portfolio on hand and going through the process has made me be more

organized. Everything is broken down into sections so that I am able to go

to the right document without searching. My favorite part of the portfolio

process was being able to create the resource file on PowerPoint, I got to

research different things that could be very important information such as

the regulations for the state of Virginia and finding local numbers. I also

enjoyed reading the articles that could serve as a resource to not only me

but parents and other teachers. The portfolio process will always be

updated and modified and will serve as a reminder of how much I have

grown in the early childhood field. 

          I also must say that I appreciate J. Sarge for many reasons. A big

one being that I had to take a pause on school for a while. When I decided

to go back several years later everyone was so helpful in getting me all of t

he information I needed. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to make up a ton

of courses due to how many I had taken before. I also want to say a special

thanks to Mrs. White who took the time to sit with me to go through all of

my options for trying to get my degree. She also introduced me to a

wonderful scholarship program that I have been granted twice now. It is

such a relief to not have to worry and be frustrated and to just focus on

getting the education.

So thank you J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College for offering

the courses so that we can be prepared to work in the field. I feel confident

in the job that I do each and everyday. It has been a honor to attend a

college where I am so comfortable at and people are willing to go out of

their way to make you feel welcome.