Competency Goal  #1- To establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment

Functional Area 1- Safe 

My goal is to keep children safe by taking proper supervision measures and by proofing both indoor and outdoor areas to keep injuries to a minimum. This goal is crucial to me because it can keep children safe from injuries and I like to promote safe play. I ensure this by making sure children are in sight and sound at all times when they are in my care. When outside the teachers and myself rotate around to ensure the children are safe and following the playground safety rules. There must always be a teacher at the climbing structure, on the sidewalk, and by the bike track where students must wear a helmet. We take proper proofing measures such as using finger pinch guard protectors on every door, using child safety locks on all cabinets/drawers, and I make sure all outlets have plug covers. Someone walks around the playground every morning before the children go outside to make sure that there are no sharp or broken items on the grounds and to check for debris/wood chips or fungis, molds, or poisonous plants. It's always important to be on the lookout. These are a few ways ways children are safe when in my care. 

Fuctional Area 2- Healthy

In the functional area of of being healthy one of my goals are healthy eating and eliminating germs. This goal is important to me because healthy eating gives children a well balanced meal and by cutting down on germs it reduces the children chance of getting sick. One way that we promote healthy eating is by staying away from sugar and by providing 2 healthy snacks and a healthy lunch. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy main entree such as grilled chicken nuggets instead of fried. Also when a child has a birthday instead of parents bringing in cupcakes or cake we have a birthday menu in which the parent can choose from a list of foods such as a fruit/veggie tray, frozen yogurt, animal crackers, or frozen fruit pops. In my classroom we do family style dining in which the children set the table and serve themselves . I have learned that by providing a variety of healthy meals It helps the children to taste more foods without developing picky eaters. It's important to keep a healthy environment by keeping the germs away. The children are exposed to different germs daily so its important to follow healthy methods. Ways that I eliminate germs everyday is by making sure everyone washes their hands when they arrive at school, before/after meals and sensory, when coming in from outside, and after using the bathroom. I also make sure that I wear gloves when handling food or assisting a child in the bathroom. Everyday we make fresh bleach/water solution and soap/water solution.  With my assistance the children help with cleaning tables with soap/water solution several times a day and then I spray a mild bleach/water solution on the tables to air dry. Toys get sanitized at the end of every day and during nap time as well as the bathroom and sinks. If a toy needs sanitizing while the children are up and exploring I place it in a bucket to be sanitized later. I also do daily health checks on the children to keep illnesses to a minimum as well to cut back on germs. Children who are sick must be out of the center for at least 24hours and cannot return until they are symptom free. Following these procedures helps maintains a healthy environment and also cuts back on germs.

Functional Area 3- Learning Environments 

One of my goals is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for children by exposing them to different learning activities daily to help them learn through play. This goal is important to me because I want children to have every opportunity available to become independent life long successful learners. One of the things I like to do is to make learning centers educational but fun. During morning circle time the children discuss what they would like to learn about and then I create a lesson plan based on the interest of the children. Also, I observe the children throughout the week in different developmental areas. Based on where the children are my lesson plans are developed to meet each child at their individual level to ensure that all activities are appropriate. Activities are tailored to every child's individual needs. The 4-5 year olds often use pencils to write but to make it fun while learning I allow them to use dry erase markers to write on the white boards and chalk to let them write on the chalkboard. For Match we use fun materials such as counting bears or learning through a fun math game. Science activities are fun because the children get to document in their journals about what they believe is happening and they get to have hands on experiences with the Science experiments such as growing plants or mixing colors. When in the classroom I have a choice board where the children decide which center they would like to go to. Outside of the learning centers I also have Dramtic play and building available.  I plan fun movement activities to do on the playground. I recently created a obstacle course using tires, hula hoops, and tunnels. Each day the children have the following activities available: Language, Math, Science, Sensory, and Art. Doing lesson plans weekly allows me to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for everyone. 

Compentency Statement 1 - By: Minnett Woody