Competency Statement Goal #3 "To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance." 

Functional Area 1- Self 

One goal is to build confidence with each child by giving them the opportunity to lead and by creating a "yes you can" environment instead of a "no" environment. In my classroom I build each child's confidence up by giving them opportunities to lead and by doing things on their own. For example I have a job chart where everyone has a job such as teachers helper, calendar/weather helper, table washer and table setter, librarian, etc...By giving children a chance to lead it boosts their confidence. I want every child to know that they can do anything if they set their minds to it. 

Functional Area 2- Social 

My goal for promoting social development is by role playing and giving the children the chance to be social. By role playing the children will gain the social skills needed as they grow and develop. In the classroom role playing sometimes happens without my promoting it. In the Dramatic play center I witnessed one student role playing to make the crying baby happy again. At first she sang a song and then she gave the baby a hug and said "the baby is happy now." Before I step in to solve a conflict between children I observe the situation first to see what they do socially on their own. Often the students have learned the skills needed to resolve the conflict by socializing or role playing, if not I offer guidance by helping. 

Functional Area 3- Guidance

One of my goals is to guide children by problem solving with one another with my guidance and support. This goal is extremly important to me because it teaches them how to deal with conflict and recognizing another's feelings. A child once told another child that he wasn't going to play with him because he didn't like him. I had to pull both boys to the sidetracked problem solve by acknowledging each other's feelings, apologizing, and finding something that they both have in common. After that both boys are great friends even now and have play dates outside of the center. We practice problem solving in the classroom with recognizing the way our actions may make others feel. Throughout the year I do a lessons on feelings and problem solving to guide children so that they are aware of how to handle conflicts instead of hitting. 


Competency statement 3- Minnett Woody