Competency Statement Goal #5: "To ensure a well-run purposeful program responsive to participant needs."

Functional area: Program management

In order to ensure a well-run purposeful program responsive to participant needs my goal is to be equipped with knowledgeable & trained staff as we all as giving exceptional care to children and communicating with parents. These goals are important to me because they are the key ingredients needed to run a successful program and to meet everyone's needs. 

The first thing I would do to meet is goal is to guarantee that everyone is trained properly before working in the classroom. This would consist of ensuring that everyone is first aid/CPR certified, trained on protocols, responsibilities, and procedures of the program, as well as lesson plans, classroom management , health and safety, and knowledge on the age group that they would be teaching. I would also require that each teacher have some type of background experience in working with children. As Education Coordinator this is part of the job I do when hiring new teachers. 

Next, In order to give exceptional care to children we must provide lessons that are age appropriate and that will set the children up to be lifelong successful independent learners who make sense of the world in their own unique way. In order to do this I observe each child at least once a week or more and I share that observation and a photo with the families and I also note the developmental goals that were covered. Also teaching about what the children are interested in guarantees that they have fun while learning, 

Last but not least communication across the board to parents, children, and teachers are extremly important in maintaining a well-run center. To meet this goal I do parent teacher conferences twice a year, I hold intake meetings with new families, and I lead parent parent meetings every once in a while to hears comments, concerns or suggestions. All of those are examples of how I communicate to ensure a well-run program. Also, communicating illnesses in the building and upcoming events. By communicating with parents effectively it creates an environment is which there is trust and everyone can feel safe. 


Competency statement 5- Minnett Woody