Competency Statement Goal #6 "To maintain a commitment to professionalism" 

Functional area: Professionalism 

My goal to maintain a commitment a commitment to professionalism is to create opportunities for growth, understand my job responsibilities, and also to know how to handle and have challenging conversations while maintaining professionalism. These goals are important because to me because professionalism is needed in order to provide except customer service and appreciation for everyone. 

To meet these goals I would 1st continue to train to gain more knowledge and to create many opportunities to grow. To have the mind set that there is always room to grow in any job that I do I can fully commit to push myself to be the best that I can be. Also to seek help when needed. 

Next, understanding what my job responsibilities are is important. To meet this part of the goal I intend to commit to living out my job responsibilities to the best of my ability. Seeking guidance from the Director and asking other teachers for feedback and opinions. I always and will continue to ask questions if I don't understand my responsibilities. 

Handeling challenging conversations while maintaining professionalism is crucial. To do this I always make sure that I do the compliment sandwich. Positives mixed with the information that may be concerning. I am always researching and training on how to handle challenging conversations to ensure I am delievering it in the most professional way possible. By being a positive role model and to continue to live by the H.E.A.R.T principals as I am now while working at Bright Horizons. At Bright Horizons H.E.A.R.T means H- honesty, E- excellence, A- accountability, R- respect, and T- teamwork. By living through these principals I ensure professionalism each and every day. 


Competency statement 6- Minnett Woody