Philosophy of Education

       I believe that all children are unique. They learn and develop at different rates. Children also learn through play,

experimenting, and by exploring the world. I believe that if we meet children at their own individual levels then the

education will come naturally. Being offered a variety of open ended activities that fall under the categories of Lanuage,

Handwriting, Art, Music, Movement, Science, and Sensory creates a environment that will set the children up to be

successful learners. Social emotional skills are also important. If we offer these activities based on what they are

interested in then the children will have a sense of understanding. As teachers we must respect each other, take

accountability, and above all be honest. If we take the time and work and partner with families we can give the children the care that they deserve. 

     My beliefs are that we as educators must be positive role models and ensure the best care possible for children by supporting them.

Encouraging each child to be independent and to create a "yes" environment. If we put the children and the families first and work together as a

team we can guarantee to provide a safe space for learning. We want to set up an environment that prepares the children for school in a fun and

engaging way.  By offering age appropriate materials and lessons that the children can build of off and develop at their own rate we can know that

we are on the right track. Even learning when you are outdoors is a great way to make learning happen. I believe in so many practices because I

truly feel that all children develop at their own pace and we should not force the learning on them. When we meet the child we have to observe to

see where they are and then meet them at that level. Commuication with families are also important. We all should be on the same page so that

the child benefits. This is my philosophy on education and why it is important to me.